In Fear

i may be crying; bleedingbut i have a happy lifejust arent the one i livejust are the one i belive i may be hurt; i may feel lostbut it's going to all rightwhen i close my eyes; close my mindmy bright world will shine as the stars colours of happiness colours my eyesand the carmine... Continue Reading →

Are You Really Happy?

Happiness is really just a very powerful way of telling everyone else how to think and how to act. Nobody really knows what happiness is. If anything, happiness is what stuffy professors like me call a “floating signifier,” which means you can stuff it full of whatever values you want. A lot of people think... Continue Reading →


It's been so long since I've written anything,It's not that I don't want to writeIt's just that I feel so full, but at the same timeI feel so empty inside,And every word that I write,they don't sound rightI don't know what I'm feeling right now,But soon everything will be alright

Great Things Take Time

Great things take time, they say So I’m waiting Waiting, Waiting… Nothing’s happening Even the stars that used to burn, they hide tonight I can’t make them out The blackness around me makes it impossible to see things But I’m waiting Waiting for you As I still believe you’re the greatest thing that ever happened... Continue Reading →

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