Sleep makes life worth living

In past, before the popularization of TV’s, it was common that people would go to bed after having dinner and spending some time chatting with family members or eventually with a visiting friend.Later, with the popularization of the internet and smartphones, people became more connected than ever. And this accessibility that brings knowledge and entertainment... Continue Reading →

Burden of truth

Burdern of truth Carried in his heart Travels a long past Memories of merrier times knock Uninvited into his soul Beginnings blend into endings, Known or unknown was all a mystery What was said was the truth Those eyes cried in the rain of betrayal Lips murmured harsh lies why i ponder Departure of her... Continue Reading →

How do you feel?

When you are all alone Sick, tired and frustrated When you miss your mom and she can't be there at the moment When you seek friends for the accompany But they are busy giving company to others. That's how deadly impression makes room in your heart , in your body and in your soul And... Continue Reading →


Coming in my life of you was like a miracle, Setting the tone, making an impression, Nothing less than a debacle, For I was steeped into depths of fruitless depression. // Took me over by surprise with your calmness, Shattering the walls I had built for protection, Wanted all parts of me, nothing less, You... Continue Reading →

Everyone's forgetting how to smile, Although, they smiled, when they were together Laughing in times of fun, Weeping in times of sadness, Angry in times of frustration, Smiling in times of happiness. Such simple things, Forgotten just after some years. Every single one Hiding their feelings in the name of growing up, Using personas, Grow... Continue Reading →

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