moon reminded me of you; bright and attractive yet full of flaws, and enchanting and poetic, satisfying every love law. i stare at the moon and it makes me think of you; of how far you are yet i have my arms wrapped around you. i’m in my balcony with sheets fresh and dry, raising... Continue Reading →

Rape Culture

Rape culture is encouraging male sexual aggression. Rape culture is regarding violence as sexy and sexuality as violent. Rape culture is treating rape as a compliment, as the unbridled passion stirred in a healthy man by a beautiful woman, making irresistible the urge to rip open her bodice or slam her against a wall, or... Continue Reading →


she is five years oldand mother tells her to put her shirt back on/but mommywhy doesn’t brotherhave to/and mother didn’t respondshe is eight years oldand cannot understand why the boy on the playgroundgot madwhen she said noand why nobodybothered to commenton her bloody lipshe is thirteen years oldbarely a teenagerand is scared to walk alone... Continue Reading →

In Fear

i may be crying; bleedingbut i have a happy lifejust arent the one i livejust are the one i belive i may be hurt; i may feel lostbut it's going to all rightwhen i close my eyes; close my mindmy bright world will shine as the stars colours of happiness colours my eyesand the carmine... Continue Reading →

Are You Really Happy?

Happiness is really just a very powerful way of telling everyone else how to think and how to act. Nobody really knows what happiness is. If anything, happiness is what stuffy professors like me call a “floating signifier,” which means you can stuff it full of whatever values you want. A lot of people think... Continue Reading →

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