Why blog is Important for one person?

“Blog” originated as a slang web log.Those two words were mauled and mangled and out popped “blog”.

Firstly I use to think and believe even this word boring. Now I believe it is more than what I thought. It’s like telling a tale of your life with some good or bad experiences.

Motivation is the most obvious fundamental to blog

  • A passion project: A blog is your digital portal to share your current passion online. It’s text and multimedia without ink stains or Facebook distractions.
  • An entrepreneur’s platform: Maybe you’d like to write professionally, working with brands and advertisers to receive compensation for your creativity.
  • An expert’s expression: A blog is a place where you distill the experiences, thoughts and ideas that you have learned during your education, career and life journey.

But truth is in between

Why should you?

A successful career life is based on being ‘on purpose’. We are one of a kind and add uniqueness to the world we live in and our goal in life to achieve a successful life and share it with people.

Your blog can be the digital platform where you can reveal it. To create a blog and continue to publish you will need inspiration for putting it into words and ideas to add creativity.

Inspiration comes from withn and it could be made creative just by words not by just using digital media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you don’t have time to read then you definitely don’t have time to write says Stephen King.

Now I’m going to list reasons why blogging and what will be its impact on your day to day life.

  1. Blog give voice to Intoverts: Introverts are superpower when it comes to creativity because of not sharing their thoughts with everyone, they are original. Through blog they can share their thoughts and let it share with rest of the world. It can be platform where you can outshine yourself.
  2. Blogs refine your thoughts: Sitting down and distilling your ideas into structured sentences is a art. Defining it will not only shape your clarity, practicing it daily will improve your content writing skills because practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Blog rewards creator: There is a lot difference between creating and publishing. Publishing your ideas is act of bravery because there are certain doubts in mind like: – why would anyone read my thoughts – nothing is new in what I say After overcoming this fear you may or definitely you will get rewarded.
  4. Blog saves time and environment : Without sparing extra cost on print and wasting paper you could express your thoughts. With your online publishing you can quote down and even editing is available.
  5. Blog has no boundaries: Online content sharing has no boundaries i.e no geographical boundaries or limitations. Create and publish and share it with test of the world.
  6. Blog connects us: Your content will attract similar people with similar ideas and thus sharing of ideas would help you grow socially and build good relationships and contacts all over the world.

Truths for People Who are Addicted to Music

We all have certain things that we can’t live without. We all listen to music more than we can even realize, even if it’s the sound in the background while you’re sitting around with bunch of your friends having coffee or sitting idle there’s always something sound running in your mind. If I try to think a day without music it would be so boring, even thinking about it I feel like ahh.. I hate it.

Music has been around us since the beginning of time, helping people to relax, reduce stress, improve productivity of people, falling asleep, gyming lots more. Sometimes we don’t even realize singing lyrics of songs while listening to it. It is the best way to kill time and even in time of your loneliness its best way rather than staring at the wall.

If you feel like you’re an music addict then thia list is definitely for you :

  • You find a way to relate each and every song to your life and yourself.

  • You get genuinely offended if someone doesn’t like the music you listen to.

  • You know songs other people don’t know because you’re always discovering new music.

  • You then proceed to get super excited when a song you found first starts to become popular.

  • You get frustrated when people try to talk to you while you’re listening to music.

  • You actually get too bothered when someone sings your favorite song wrong.

  • You listen to your favorite song so frequently that you eventually start to hate it.

  • It’s very strange and weirdest thing for you to go even one day without listening to music.

  • You even fight your friends over music streaming apps like spotify is better or Apple music.

  • You want to listen to music, you stop doing your work and listen to it.

Everyone’s forgetting how to smile,
Although, they smiled, when they were together
Laughing in times of fun,

Weeping in times of sadness,
Angry in times of frustration,
Smiling in times of happiness.

Such simple things,
Forgotten just after some years.

Every single one
Hiding their feelings in the name of growing up,
Using personas,
Grow expressionless.

As if to say that it was world’s wish.
As if to say this is the right to order things.

The you i loved then,
The you of those times,
Even now is my heart’s ruby.

So red and so hot,
Warmly sleeping inside my heart.

How do you feel?

When you are all alone
Sick, tired and frustrated
When you miss your mom and she can’t be there at the moment
When you seek friends for the accompany
But they are busy giving company to others.
That’s how deadly impression makes room
in your heart , in your body and in your soul
And you can’t get out of bed
No, you can’t get out of depression it lits
The blowing candles of hope in your life.

Burden of truth

Burdern of truth
Carried in his heart
Travels a long past
Memories of merrier times knock
Uninvited into his soul
Beginnings blend into endings,
Known or unknown was all a mystery
What was said was the truth
Those eyes cried in the rain of betrayal
Lips murmured harsh lies why i ponder
Departure of her shadow is still imprinted here
That fading sound still echos her broken heart
It is an apology to those shattered pieces
Crushed by my hands with my lies
Bleeding hands inside my hidden sleeves
Tears fall reckless in my abandon
I killed my heart in that cold murder
To build her heart with the pieces..

I cross

I cross my heart and hope to die
to you i say not to cry
Amidst everything I’ll still try,
In a life without to get by.

After all in the giving do we rise
What is love without a little sacrifice
mine was just a little high
and together we could no more fly.

Long ago, to us we did a toast
Under the mistletoe, i did whisper
You, i love the most,
you reply, i didn’t hear a murmur.

What we could’ve , we lost
warmth in heart replaced by the frost
gone be the days of our glory
as the reality was converted into a story.


Coming in my life of you was like a miracle,

Setting the tone, making an impression,

Nothing less than a debacle,

For I was steeped into depths of fruitless depression.


Took me over by surprise with your calmness,

Shattering the walls I had built for protection,

Wanted all parts of me, nothing less,

You were a walking synonym to perfection.


It wasn’t your pretty face that did the trick,

Nor your deep as ocean eyes that held me captive,

It was your vulnerabilities, your bareness which made you tick,

I found home in your flaws, your imperfections were so associative.


You were the victor of my heart,

Someone I’d never wanna hurt.

Your body wasn’t what mesmerized me,

It was your heart, in everything, I could see.


It was not your naked body I fell in love with,

But nakedness of your soul was what enthralled me.

– DG

I wonder

You don’t understand how much i love talking to you. It’s hard when we don’t talk. I can never stop talking to you. Never


Tears of blood fall from my broken heart

I never thought we would be apart

When you held me you said “forever”

Now that you’re gone I know you meant “never”

Saying you love me with that look in your eye

And that was a cold hearted lie

Your tender touch, a soft kiss

Two things about you I will miss

As I sit here thinking about you

My face is wet with tears past due

I should’ve cried a long time ago

But I loved you so

I know they say love is blind

But I had only you on my mind

A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife

But wounds heal and I’ll go on with my life


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