Things I Wish People Knew About Introverts

A lot of individuals don’t like being alone. They need to travel to giant parties, meet many individuals, and have long conversations until the first hours of the morning.  I like being alone with my thoughts, reflective on the past, and wondering everything that the long-run has got to provide.  Why? I don’t understand. However,... Continue Reading →

Summary of all the Self-help books

Picture from PexelsWhat you are doing can invariably matter quite however you are feeling. This tiny tip lies at a lower place all the recommendation out there. no one extremely is aware of what’s occurring within your head. It can be jam-packed with venom. As long as you don’t rattle your tail and show your... Continue Reading →

What is happiness?

For as long as there are Homo sapiens individuals are intended by the need to be happy, no matter which may mean. In some ways, it’s the muse of civilization. funnily enough although, somehow humans appear to own an uncanny hang of creating themselves miserable. Still, the majority have a deeply profound drive toward the... Continue Reading →

Reasons why I Blog

I have been constantly blogging since lockdown. Earlier, I wasn't active enough on my blog something compelled me to begin for daily blogging. Now, some people ask me even if there's no greater scope in blogging or why I do blog? Believe me, sometimes I ask the same question myself and one more question arises... Continue Reading →

What makes you perfect?

Her lips were replaced with the most beautiful, silky soft rose petals. Her nose was never meant to catch the scents of this simple earth, as it was clearly made as a piece of art. Her eyes are a book, my favourite book. You can lose yourself in her story, ‘cause you always want to... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Be Reading More Fiction

"Fiction is a lie through which we tell the truth" - Albert Camus Picture from Pexels I am going to begin this article by posing an argument: reading fiction is important. Everyone can agree that reading is an important component in developing a successful life. Consuming content sharpens your intellect and builds your knowledge set.... Continue Reading →


Divyanshu G's Secret Diary has just reached 200+ followers! Thank you, everybody, for the support. It’s not been easy. Almost all of my articles have been curated in multiple categories but it’s hard to build up a publication in its early stages, even if you are getting curated regular and promoting it like crazy. The... Continue Reading →

Watch me go

Half a year has passed since I cried out for help. I said things had gotten worse than ever. All I saw was darkness. I wanted things to be over. A month ago I told the guy at the top of the hierarchy, that I didn’t see any more hope for me. Thinking of suicide... Continue Reading →

Being Intellectual Honest

Intellectual honesty is a personal commitment to search for the truth by examining the evidence and thinking rationally, to tell the truth, and to act according to the truth. Things that intellectually honest people do 1. Lying is unethical for many reasons. It undermines trust and creates confusion in our own minds. But the main... Continue Reading →

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